My dotfiles
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Brandon Hartshorn ff2dfc8964
fix(shell): cleanup and add quotes to shell_vars
1 week ago
awesome-serenity/.config/awesome Merge & combine 3 years ago
bash fix(bash): add necessary variable 2 years ago
fish/.config/fish feat: add initial fish config 2 weeks ago
git/.config/git feat(git): set default branch to main, allow file protocol 2 weeks ago
inputrc feat(inputrc): add alt-left/right 2 years ago
kakoune/.config/kak feat(kakoune): add kakoune config 2 years ago
pianobar/.config/pianobar Changes bash colors, pianobar 4 years ago
scripts/scripts feat(scripts): add script to rename obnoxious music files 2 years ago
shell/.config/shell fix(shell): cleanup and add quotes to shell_vars 1 week ago
ssh/.ssh fix(ssh): ignore unknown macos keychain option 2 years ago
tmux/.config/tmux feat(tmux): initial tmux, mostly vim keys 2 years ago
vim feat(vim): update plug.vim 2 years ago
xdefaults-serenity Add vimwiki, xdefaults, awesomewm 4 years ago
zsh feat: update zshrc 1 year ago
.gitignore feat(git): ssh config.d directoryF 2 years ago I suck with md, also work bash profile 5 years ago

Brandon's dotfiles

Stowed by application.

To deploy all files in one of the sudirectories:

  1. cd dotfiles
  2. stow -R -t ~ <folder>
  3. profit

This is way better than the other way I was doing (and makes almost infinitely more sense!)